Our art classes for adults run all the year round and a specialized systematic approach to drawing and painting is offered to teen and adult. Emphasis is more on one to one interaction and allowing the student to develop his/her own style of art. Classes are designed to cater the need of the beginner and the novice alike. Our healthy environment enables the student to bring out their creativity which leads to skill development. Class strength is restricted to 6 to pay individual attention.

Level 1: Basic

Duration – 2 months

This level is intended for students who do not have any previous exposure to drawing and paintings. Course consists of

  • Shapes – Line drawing / curved contour lines as in apple, egg etc
  • Converting to bi-dimensional drawing into a tri-dimensional drawing by means of shading
  • Learning about tonal values that give form to the object
  • Know about colors, color mixing and color harmony Lessons on still life and landscape, nature study.

Medium: Pencil and pastels.

Level 2: Intermediate

Duration – 2½ months

  • Drawing shapes of symmetrical objects, object comparison and contrast
  • Learn to create tonal values that go to form a realistic drawing
  • To know about positive and negative spaces – Negative painting
  • Focal point, center of interest and use of view finder
  • Perspective, 2 point perspective, vanishing point and line of horizon
  • Colour theory, colour mixing, colour application, different type of washes and texturing methods
  • Lessons in still life and landscapes
  • Drawing a basic portrait

Medium: Water colors and charcoal.

Level 3: Advanced

Duration – 3 months

  • Still life with multiple objects overlapping / drapery included
  • Nature study
  • Focus on people – study of nose, proportions of hand, eyes and lips
  • Learn to see and describe the structures and rhythm of the body in terms of line, tone and colour
  • Landscape
  • Seascape
  • Copying from masters
  • Caricature

Medium: Oil and acrylic.