Online Drawing Classes

The best way to learn drawing and painting is to attend a school under the guidance of a good teacher. Nothing can beat the direct interaction and the support you get while you do the work in front of the teacher. Even where there are schools, the travelling distance, family and work commitments and the weather condition makes it very difficult to get to these schools. But that should not discourage you from your ambition of learning drawing and painting and expressing yourself. And this is where the online classes can help.

Our online classes have been designed in such a way that you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home. You complete your assignment and send them to your teacher who critic and help you improve the technique.

The Basic Drawing and Painting module consist of eight modules and can be completed in four weeks.

  • Module 1 Materials and set up – Paper, pencils, tools, lighting. Learn different pencil strokes
  • Module 2 Contour line drawing
  • Module 3 Adding values according to light and shade
  • Module 4 How to begin a drawing in case of a landscape
  • Module 5 Inclusion and exclusion of certain elements
  • Module 6 Apply proper dimension and perspective
  • Module 7 Background, middle ground and foreground
  • Module 8 Finer details