Children are always fascinated and attracted towards colours. Even small babies are happy to see colourful toys. As they grow they get interested in drawing and painting and some of them even start drawing on their own. While general coloring and painting books available in bookstores satisfy some of their urge, it does not provide systematic approach to learning drawing and painting.

Asha’s School of Visual Arts have been conducting drawing classes for the last ten years and have mastered the techniques in teaching young children. We not only teach how to draw and paint but become instrumental in developing and strengthening their observation skill, stimulate imagination, creativity and encourage self expression through fun filled art activities. The classes will be conducted by renowned artist with experience in teaching young children. Each student is encouraged to work at their individual skill level. Beginners will learn the basic drawing skills to which they can build on, while those with more experience can increase their knowledge. The course will contain various facets of drawing and painting.

Every student’s progress is tracked during the course. Art lessons are split into Step by Step Instructions, making learning so much fun and easier. The art tutor demonstrates each technique for the students. Each batch is kept small and do not exceed beyond nine students. Due to small class size at our school, children get lot of individual attention. The students are pleasantly surprised with the result and their achievement.

We have brought our Drawing and Painting Course for children under two grades with three levels in each grade and an introductory level for young newcomers.

All our classes for children run Monday to Saturday between 4 and 7 in the evening. Children have the option of choosing one hour duration of two classes per week or one class with two hour duration.

Students who complete the course will be awarded an achievement certificate for the skill and level achieved and promoted to next level

Introductory Level

Duration – 3 months

  • Colouring with light and shade
  • Shapes and curves
  • Lines and patterns
  • Scratch work
  • Drawing on outline
  • Drawing on dotted line
  • Connecting the shapes
  • Getting correct shape
  • Stamping and tracing
  • Having fun with colours
  • Stencil drawing and colouring
  • Collage work

Lower Grade - Level I

Duration – 4 months

  • Still Life
  • Animate
  • Inanimate
  • Understanding the form and shape of objects
  • Drawing day to day objects: Linear, curved, circular, oblong and elliptical shapes in relation to the background
  • How to draw a symmetrical object through a grid using measurements and constructional lines
  • Pick up an object in the class room and draw with the help of the teacher
  • Bring your own personal object to school; it may be a tooth brush, paste, bat, ball, book, your favorite mug or toys Draw and colour using lights and shades
  • Drawing natural forms – Large sized foliage, flowers, fruits or vegetables
  • Drawing geometrical forms – Made of wood, plastic, paper and metal such as cube, cone, prism, cylinder and sphere
  • Drawing fish, butterflies and trees
  • Emphasize on composition and development of hand and eye co-ordination

Lower Grade - Level 2

Duration – 6 months

  • Drawing birds using construction lines and grids
  • How to draw a given bird The different shapes involved in drawing a bird
  • The different shapes involved in drawing a bird
  • Portrait of a bird
  • Bird drawing with background – common , aquatic and wild
  • Drawing animals – small animals like rabbits, squirrels, rats, cats and dogs
  • Bring a picture of your pet you think you like to have and draw the same with teachers help
  • Learn to shade the fur, feather and texture of the given animal
  • Subjects cover a wide range of learning themes from farm animals, pets, insects, birds, nature life and marine life
  • Cartoonistic animals

Lower Grade - Level 3

Duration – 6 months

  • Drawing people in landscape
  • Action drawing, seascape, cityscape, design, geometrical art, portraiture, cartooning and painting based on themes and memory art

Higher Grade – Level 1

Duration – 6 months

  • Drawing contour lines as in egg and shell
  • 7 elements of art – line, shape, form, texture, space, colour, value and different types of shading
  • Grading of tones
  • What is negative space ? To know about space, arrangement taking measurements, ratio and proportions light and shade, colour
  • Learning to create texture using hatching and cross hatching
  • Learn to draw ellipse from different perspective
  • Colours – colour chart, colour mixing, harmony and types of colour
  • Monochromatic painting – painting using primary colours
  • Making a design or pattern using primary and secondary colours
  • Draw a branch, twig, flowers or a potted plant

Higher Grade – Level 2

Duration – 5 months

  • Drawing and painting pet animals – to bring a picture or photo of a dog or cat and paint with a suitable background
  • Sketching wild animals and birds in their natural habitat
  • Landscape, seascape featuring birds, fishes and reptile
  • Scene from mythology
  • What is perspective?
  • Drawing based on perspective, memory drawing.

Higher Grade – Level 3

Duration – 6 months

  • Portrait – a detailed study
  • Portrait drawing in steps – drawing eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth, ear, hands, feet and facial expressions
  • Drawing profile and drawing head at various angles
  • Figure drawing – 7½ heads high – Head as the basic unit of measurement Know about foreshortening
  • How to check angles and measuring by comparison
  • To know about perspective vanishing point
  • Kinds of perspective
  • Drawing based on perspective – scale and proportions
  • Drawing an architectural building using the rule of perspective
  • Cartoon and caricature
  • Drawing from life